Surgery Moved to Tomorrow (barf)

There’s nothing like the bolt of adrenaline that comes from being awoken from a dead sleep by the phone ringing and reading the words “Vanderbilt Cardiology” on the caller ID. It’s happened 3 times for various reasons. All while Calvin was with one of his grandparents at the hospital and Tyler and I escaped for some much needed rest and supplies from home. We received one of these such calls a couple days ago to inform us that Calvin’s care had been elevated to the ICU after a particularly low and long desat (drop in oxygen level). Today we received the third such call from Calvin’s surgeon. He expressed that it would be in Calvin’s best interest to go ahead and move his surgery to tomorrow. One less day in the ICU means less risk of contracting a hospital infection or illness and less risk of him having another series of major desats.

It’s a crazy time. I told Tyler after the call that the good news is we are hopefully coming to a close of all the chaos. One day closer to having him home. He responded in his typical fashion, “You think this is crazy? Just wait till we have 5 kids. This will seem like a breeze!” He told me that earlier this week he saw a mom walking through the busy Vanderbilt parking garage with her 6 kids. One toddler in a stroller, one chunky infant in a car seat carrier hanging on her forearm, and 4 other kids appearing to be all under the age of 10. He said all the kids were perfectly behaved as their mother blazed a path through the other pedestrians and (sometimes manic) drivers to their destination. Knowing that their parents likely work very hard to teach each of them the importance of obedience and that there have probably been many melt downs (and more to come) he said, “That’s where the crazy season is! And you can tell she was godly, too. No one else except a godly woman can lead children like that. You’ll be like that one day…we’re totally not there yet, but one day.” (We shoot pretty straight with honesty. I could not stop laughing). I hope that one day all this medical madness will have faded to the background and our biggest struggles will be how to handle toddler temper tantrums and raise godly children.

Please pray for Calvin tomorrow afternoon as he goes in for stage 2 of his series of open heart surgeries. Pray there would be no complications, the surgery would go as planned, he would wean from the vent easily, and he wouldn’t have the debilitating headaches and fluid retention that typically come with recovery from this particular surgery.

Hopefully soon we will be on the road to recovery and I’ll be like the parking garage mom in 10 years. “You know, I think she may have been pregnant, too.” he told me later. Ok, so maybe not EXACTLY like her…


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