Prayers for Calvin

As most of you know, Erica is pregnant, and we are expecting a bouncing baby boy at the end of this January! Erica and I are truly excited, and cannot wait meet little Calvin Ray Thayer–so far all the ultra-sound pictures show that he is cuter than a button and most definitely takes after his mom.

At our 20-week anatomy ultra-sound we found out that Calvin had something wrong with his heart. Our general OB referred us to a High-Risk OB, and the news only got more devastating. The high-risk OB had never seen such a complex heart defect and had no clue how to diagnose his condition, as such, we were referred to Vanderbilt Children’s Pediatric Cardiologists.

At Vanderbilt we experienced a 2 1/2 hour ultrasound in which they studied Calvin’s heart very closely. At the culmination of our appointment, they diagnosed Calvin with Tricuspid Atresia and Transposition of the Great Arteries. As you can imagine from the name of it, it’s a pretty complex heart defect. The short version of the issue is that his heart effectually only has three chambers, instead of four. At the time of the ultrasound, his right ventricle was almost non-existent. The result is that his left ventricle has to work overtime. Also, with oxygenated blood coming from the lungs and un-oxygenated blood returning from the body both mixing in his heart’s one chamber, his blood-oxygen level will be lower than normal (about 70% instead of the normal 100%).

A Hidden Blessing

Thankfully, the left ventricle is the body’s stronger of the two, so it should hold up well into his adult life. In addition, there are two open heart surgeries that are available for Calvin. By the end of which, he should have normal blood oxygenation. Upon hearing that, we finally received hope that God has provided doctors with a solution to a major defect.

There are risks with the surgeries, but they are much improved over 40 years ago, when they began these procedures. Vanderbilt is even seeing two people with similar heart defects, one who is 21 years old and attending college, and another who is 36 and has a family. After hearing that, we were really encouraged.


Nevertheless, we’d like to ask you for your prayers. Specifically, that God would give Calvin a new physical heart, much like he does when he saves us. We’re praying that his heart would grow strong and healthy–even though the doctors say that it can’t grow normally to fix itself. I believe that the growth of a baby in the womb is a miracle in and of itself, so in the next three months, I’m praying for another miracle. Jesus Christ, our risen Lord, has all authority over the fleshly realm, so I am convinced that he can heal Calvin.

In addition, at our last cardiologist appointment, they noted that Calvin’s Aorta was smaller than his Pulmonary artery. It was still within a normal size range, but we are praying that his Aorta will grow perfectly. If it is small, it would require a third surgery.

Lastly, please pray for myself, Erica, and our families. Naturally, it’s hitting all of us pretty hard. Please pray that our God would give us faith, and that we would all enjoy our Father’s steadfast love.

We’re encouraged: Our Community Group has prayed for us on multiple occasions, and we have heard reports about churches all of the nation praying for Calvin. Please join with our petition to God.


I’m glad to answer any questions, so feel free to track me down at church. I know curiosity gets the best of us, so here is a short article about the condition:

Thank you for your prayers and love.


Tyler and Erica

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” – Romans 12:12


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